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Vitamins and my recommendations are a question I get all the time. Many patients take poor quality supplements from the pharmacy, discount store or from the internet. It’s buyer beware when buying vitamins.

A vitamin is a necessary ingredient for health. Vitamins and other supplements can constitute a planned program to ensure you are getting enough vitamins from your diet.

Many patients ask me what they should be taking as a vitamin wellness program and any other recommendations I might have. I have broken down into categories the supplements I recommend one take to ensure they are getting the balance of vitamins and minerals they need.

I also have a few additional categories that may be of interest to you.

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Basic Wellness Program
Phyto Multi (contains no iron) 2 a day Hi-Quality Multi-Vitamin with high levels of B-Vitamins.
Co Q 10 ST-100 1 a day Great nutrition for heart energy.
E Complex 1:1 2 a day Mixed tocopherols – Better than supplements with only one tocopherol.
Cal Apetite Bone Builder Forte 1 a day Calcium proven to increase bone mass – Women should take two a day.
Ultra Potent C 1000 2 a day Buffered and providing more Vitamin C than most people get each day.
D-3 5000 1 a day The new “Miracle” nutirient that most overlook.
OmegaGenics™ EPA-DHA 1200 2 doses per day Gotta have your essential fatty acids – highly deficient in America.


UltraFlora Spectrum Take one capsule twice a day on an empty stomach.

Nutritional Support for Inflammatory Conditions
Inflavonoid Intensive Care 2-6 a day
UltraInflamX 360 Plus 2 scoops a day

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FolaPro (Folic Acid) 1 a day
Meta Lipoate 300 1 a day Alpha Lipoic Acid – a very powerful antioxidant
Intrinsi B-12/Folate 1 a day B-12 and folic acid
Kaprex AI 1-6 a day for chronic inflammatory/pain conditions
Ultra Meal Bars use as a snack, also has great health benefits.
GingkoRose 2 a day Gingko Biloba

Immune Support:

Andrographis Plus – taken when you first feel as if you have a cold or flu coming according to the directions on the label and it has shown to reduce the duration and severity in some patients.
Zinc AG – Take 1 a day everyday or more if feeling cold or flu-like


Meta I3C….indole-3-carbinol from cruciferous vegetables. Nutritional support that may help regulate hormone levels. Take 1-2 a day

For Men:

Tribulus Synergy 2 a day

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