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Vitamin D is growing in its importance as a daily supplement. Vitamin deficiency is known to contribute to many health conditions, mostly ricketts and osteoporosis. Recent research suggests that Vitamin D can prevent cancer and autoimmune conditions and Vitamin D supplementation can also help with Inflammatory Bowel conditions. Vitamin D3 is the most active form of Vitamin D.

Reductions in the risk of cancer because of Vitamin D supplementation has been all over the news the last couple of weeks. This is just another study to add to many others that have confirmed to holistic physicians the benefits of this special vitamin in preventing colon, prostate and breast cancers (others also) as well as autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, all forms of colitis and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus….and not to mention, prevention of osteoporosis. If you’re not taking Vitamin D…you should be.

Spectacular news! But wait…if you’re female…I’ll bet you already knew that it was important to include Vitamin D in your calcium supplement to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. If you’re male…I’ll bet you never worried at all about Vitamin D…if you even take vitamins at all!

Now, there are many more reasons to include Vitamin D in your wellness plan. Studies over the past few years have been leading to a major conclusion. People don’t get enough Vitamin D and it’s deficiency can contribute to the aforementioned health conditions.

How can this happen?…Vitamin D is free! Yep, it’s from the sun! But wait…the sun causes cancer…right? OK, this is getting too confusing. Here’s your lesson in Vitamin D creation and metabolism. The sun hits our skin and with a process having to do with the liver and kidneys…Vitamin D is created for our use throughout the body.

Problem is…people are using sun screen in an almost obsessive manner and some people hardly even get outside anymore. All it takes is about 15 minutes worth of sun exposure on our face and arms each day (sunscreen free) to provide us with almost all the Vitamin D we need.

In a society where people work indoors all day, get less and less outside physical activity and if they do, they slather on sunscreen…the media has got everyone scared to death that the sun causes skin cancer…it doesn’t, there are so many more factors to consider. Is it any wonder that a Vitamin D deficiency is occurring?

Physicians with scientific knowledge of the biochemistry of Vitamin D metabolism know full well the involvement of the Vitamin D molecule and it’s deficiencies in the health conditions I mentioned previously. But what type of Vitamin D?

The cholecalciferol form of Vitamin D, aka Vitamin D3 is the most active form. Make sure your supplement contains it.

Metagenics D3 5000

D3 5000

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