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A pancreatitis diet is what a person looks for when they have developed pancreatitis. A proper diet for pancreatitis can help relieve the major symptom of pancreatitis which is pain. As an inflammatory condition, the best treatment involves an anti-inflammatory pancreatitis diet. This diet may go against standard advice from traditional doctors.

Pancreatitis diet plans abound on the internet. Problem is that most diets for pancreatitis accomplish the same thing: limited relief for the condition of pancreatitis.

Traditional medical pancreatitis diet advice suggests to stop alcohol and caffeine, avoid spicy food and eat a low fat diet. A better approach would be to eliminate foods that promote inflammation.

It’s important to change your way of thinking about which foods are pro-inflammatory. If your pancreatitis diet is low fat, that means you will be eating far more carbohydrates than you should and carbohydrates…which break down into sugar (glucose)…are pro-inflammatory.

In the carbohydrate family, these situations create a pro-inflammatory state:

  • Eating too many carbohydrates
  • Eating too much sugar
  • Eating too much processed food
  • Using alcohol

Pancreatitis Diet and Carbs

The proper diet for pancreatitis would revolve around a low carb diet, not a low fat diet. Any of the low carb gurus will give you great advice for your new lifestyle of food. It’s not really a diet for pancreatitis, it’s a diet for your long term health. Remove the foods that are pro-inflammatory and replace them with a whole food, an all natural low carb diet and watch the changes begin.

Another concept is that if we agree that pancreatitis only occurs in people who have unhealthy gastrointestinal systems, then a diet for pancreatitis patients can be the basis for gastrointestinal health.

Whole foods, meaning those not processed or in other words “as nature intended” are the mainstay of a diet for pancreatitis. It may also be considered that a person with pancreatitis may also have poor bowel function, been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or have Crohn’s Disease or some type of Colitis.

It may be essential that you focus effort in improving the health of your entire gastrointestinal system. In you, the pancreas is the first sign of this more widespread concern. An all natural treatment plan can improve the health, balance and efficiency of your gastrointestinal system and help improve the health of the pancreas and eliminate the inflammation. It will also eliminate any other symptoms (IBS) you may be having. If you are having problems with the pancreas or any other part of your GI tract…a natural treatment plan is for you.

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