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Metagenics supplements are scientifically formulated based on proprietary and published studies in a field of nutrigenomics. Metagenics believes nutrition influences the genetic expression of our good health. In other words, Metagenics supplements comprised of food and other plant components send signals to cells in the body that ultimately influence our health.

Metagenics supplements in my opinion may be the best available to the consumer through professional offices. There may be other supplements that are equal in quality, but I doubt there are any better than Metagenics supplements.

Metagenics vitamins and other supplements in their product line are produced with the highest quality standards in the industry and most importantly, Metagenics supplements work.

Metagenics supplements are made by the only nutritional company selling to health care professionals that strictly adheres to the 5 most identifiable standards for quality to produce Metagenics vitamins and other products.

  1. GMP-certified manufacturing – the ultimate quality marker. Metagenics supplement manufacturing facility is certified for good manufacturing practices (GMP) by the Natural Products Association (NPA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) to ensure the highest quality standards. No other professional supplement company has all 3 of these certifications. Many don’t even have one.
  2. Pure ingredients – identity tested on multiple levels. Metagenics supplements and Metagenics vitamins are made from the highest quality raw materials. Metagenics quarantine each raw material then test each thoroughly to support quality, safety, and efficacy. Metagenics Inc. conduct additional testing above and beyond the testing required by the Food and Drug Administration current good manufacturing practices, or GMPs. A batch of each final Metagenics supplement is then tested again for purity as an added safety measure and confirmation of quality.
  3. Safety-reviewed ingredients – Metagenics Inc. won’t create a formula without them. Metagenics Inc. doesn’t even think of using an ingredient in a formula without a thorough literature search on its predicted safety in use as a nutritional supplement. Metagenics has an on-site research staff and medical information center with access to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications. Metagenics Inc. reviews published studies and articles on every new natural ingredient they consider using in Metagenics supplements.
  4. Human clinical evaluations – the surest way to show effectiveness. The best way to test effectiveness and safety of Metagenics supplements is to see how it works with real patients. The Functional Medicine Research Centerâ„  (FMRC) the clinical research arm of Metagenics, Inc. is an on-site clinic staffed by medical professionals who recommend nutritional approaches and monitor their success. The FMRC also conducts clinical trials that have been published in respected peer-reviewed journals. No other company in Metagenics, Inc. market segment can offer this kind of first-hand knowledge that can only be achieved a clinical setting.
  5. Scientific staff and facilities. Not every professional nutrition company has its own staff of dedicated medical and technical professionals. Metagenics, Inc. has one of the largest in-house scientific staffs MDs, PhDs, and others to produce the highest of quality Metagenics supplements.

Metagenics, Inc. also uses highly absorbable nutrient forms so the body has a greater chance of using it the way it should to promote health. This is particularly important with certain key nutrients that may be poorly absorbed, or for people who have absorption concerns. And the dosages Metagenics recommends are based on scientific research that document effectiveness and predicted safety when used as intended.

Metagenics, Inc. also believes in the right delivery form in Metagenics supplements to meet the demands of patients and appropriate to the ingredients. Metagenics doesn’t have a “one form fits all” policy. Not every ingredient should be made into a tablet or a capsule. So the ingredients often decide the delivery form for each product tablet, chewable, liquid, capsule, softgel, soft chew, bar, or powder.

Metagenics supplement tablets made for ultimate performance for better results. Metagenics, Inc. tableting technology makes sure they disintegrate within a short time, to release ingredients for optimal absorption.

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