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GI Sustain Medical Food $ 70.00

Metagenics GI Sustain

  • Supports microbial balance.♦
  • Nourishes the cells of the colonic mucosa.♦
  • Features low-allergy-potential rice protein concentrate supplemented with L-lysine HCl and L-threonine for an improved protein source.♦
  • Provides the prebiotic IMO (isomaltooligosaccharides) to selectively nourish beneficial bacteria, including lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.♦
  • IMO is a gentle fiber that is naturally sweet but has a low-glycemic index.♦
  • Formulated with nutrients such as zinc gluconate and L-glutamine to nutritionally support gastrointestinal mucosa integrity.♦

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UltraInflamX Plus 360 Medical Food $ 75.00

UltraInflamX Plus 360

  • Supports Phase II detoxification, gastrointestinal mucosa integrity, and reduction of damaging free-radical generation. ♦
  • Features a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoids, and the phytonutrients rutin, curcuminoids, and quercetin to nutritionally support healthy essential fatty acid metabolism. ♦
  • Provides a low-allergy-potential rice protein concentrate that is augmented with essential amino acids for increased biological value. ♦
  • Supplies high-molecular-weight rice dextrins as a carbohydrate source. ♦
  • Provides a good source of antioxidants with a high ORAC†† value of 17,108.

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UltraClear Renew Medical Food $ 90.00

UltraClear Renew

  • Helps to address altered pain signaling and neuromuscular function associated with fibromyalgia.♦
  • Features a proprietary spent hops powder and extracts of prune, pomegranate, and watercress. ♦
  • Preliminary laboratory research suggests that spent hops may induce the expression of metallothionein, an antioxidant protein associated with the body’s detoxification of some heavy metals. ♦
  • Preliminary laboratory work suggests that spent hops and prune extract may promote the activity of quinone reductase, a Phase II detoxification enzyme. ♦
  • Preliminary laboratory research suggests that pomegranate extract may increase the activity of glutathione-S-tranferase (GST), an important Phase II detoxification enzyme.♦
  • Provides glycine to support Phase II glycine conjugation, along with sulfate and L-cysteine to support Phase II sulfation. ♦
  • Supplies green tea catechins and mixed carotenoids to protect against reactive species generated during hepatic detoxification. ♦
  • Provides zinc, which some research suggests may help reduce oxidative stress associated with the metabolism and detoxification of heavy metals by beneficially influencing the activity and genetic expression of metallothionein. ♦
  • In preliminary research†, UltraClear RENEW and a modified elimination diet was associated with a decrease in FibroQuest total score (pain and stiffness score) and an increase in excretion of certain heavy metals (such as mercury). ♦

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UltraClear PLUS Medical Food $ 80.95

UltraClear Plus

  • Provides the same great macro- and micronutrient base formula and benefits as UltraClear, but with added support for those people with low Phase II activities. ♦
  • Features added glycine, taurine, sodium sulfate, and catechins from decaffeinated green tea to better support Phase II activities. ♦
  • Safe for long term use in individuals with chronic exposure to toxins. ♦

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♦ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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