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Is Truvia safe is a question that probably most consumers never ask. Most believe it is a natural sweetener derived from a plant called stevia. It is not from stevia and therefore…and for a couple other reasons, Truvia should not be considered safe to consume.

There are a few things to know about the safety of Truvia as it is far more complicated than one may think. As with many mass produced products from well known large manufacturers of food, shortcuts and twisting the English language play a large role.

Many “health conscious” people believe that any product that contains stevia must be healthier for them than to use good old fashioned sugar. I agree that too much sugar is detrimental to a person’s health, but should you substitute it with something that you truly don’t understand?

If Truvia is safe can be determined buy understanding that Truvia is a combination of erythritol, rebiana A (that’s NOT stevia) and natural flavors. Truvia is not safe for a couple reasons:

  1. Truvia is NOT safe because the erythritrol is NOT derived from wonderful fresh fruits as the label implies, but it comes from genetically modified (GMO) corn.
  2. There is NO stevia in Truvia. A particular molecule from the stevia plant, called rebiana A, is in Truvia. Rebiana A makes up one half of one percent of the product.
  3. The rebiana A in Truvia comes from China and is also GMO.
  4. The natural flavors in Truvia are not exactly natural. They are the artificial equivalent of “natural flavors”. The FDA allows this deception.

Truvia is made by Coca Cola.

Is Truvia safe? If you don’t mind genetically modified foods and a sugar called erytritrol masquerading as a natural product called stevia…then Truvia might be safe. I won’t touch it.

Truvia, Purevia, Zerose, Zsweet are all brand names for similar products that DO NOT contain stevia. Avoid them.

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