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What is the SCD Diet? Also called the specific carbohydrate diet and discussed honestly, it may or may not help you. For a small percentage, the SCD Diet might be enough to solve gastrointestinal problems like Crohn’s Disease and any type of colitis. For the majority of patients, the SCD Diet is both not comprehensive enough and may be too restrictive.

SCD Diet has two potential problems: TheSCD Diet is both not comprehensive enough and too restrictive to be used for the successful elimination of common gastrointestinal complaints.

First, the SCD Diet is not comprehensive enough because it doesn’t call for all dairy to be eliminated from the diet, and the SCD Diet does not suggest a food allergy test. My protocol calls for the elimination of all dairy products. That’s a 100% must rule in order to eliminate a well known dietary villain completely and I do highly suggest that all patients do a food allergy test.

Second, the SCD Diet restricts foods that I have never required any of my patients to stop eating at the outset of my treatment. The SCD Diet makes patients stop eating most dairy foods and all gluten-containing foods, but it also suggests not eating any rice or potatoes or even gluten free grains. If we find through food allergy testing that they are allergic to rice and potatoes or other grains, then we eliminate them. Only a small percentage of patients test allergic to rice, potatoes and gluten free grains.

All dairy products except fermented cheeses and a special yogurt that the author teaches how to make are eliminated in the SCD Diet. And, I have found it almost impossible to help people suffering from Crohn’s Disease or any type of colitis without a food allergy test that the SCD Diet does not think necessary.

To help you eliminate symptoms associated with your condition, we must realize there are nine separate variables that may cause your symptoms, many of which the SCD Diet does not address. They include loss of beneficial bacteria, possible bad bacteria, yeast or parasites, low levels of digestive enzymes, improper bowel chemistry, intolerances to dairy, gluten, fructose, Celiac Disease and food allergies.

Crohn’s Disease and any type of colitis are completely reversible conditions that respond favorably to an all natural treatment plan designed to completely repair the gastrointestinal system using probiotics, nutritional supplements with anti-inflammatory herbs and temporary dietary changes. Learning what not to eat is actually more important than learning what to eat.

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