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Vitamin C immune function effects may be controversial, but many are sold as to the benefits. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin without harm even at large doses and with valuable effects to enhance the immune system.

Vitamin C immune function effects are many and proven. Dr. Linus Pauling received two Nobel Prizes, one of them for his work with Vitamin C and immune function. Media reports surface occasionally about Vitamin C immune system studies and they are very confusing.

Vitamin C immune system studies sometimes claim there is no value to Vitamin C and others will claim some value. Dr. Pauling observed the benefits of Vitamin C supplementation on immune system function and prevention of the common cold. He also did work on Vitamin C immune function with regard to cancer.

The key to understanding medical studies about Vitamin C is that they many times are not structured correctly (double blind peer reviewed) or they use raw material (Vitamin C) that are not even of the quality you can get in a health food store or use unrealistic dosages.

One thing is for certain, white blood cells in the human body patrol for bacterial and other infections and use Vitamin C to accomplish this. The average white blood cell has been found to contain only 1/6 of the amount of Vitamin C it could carry if the person was taking more each day. If levels of Vitamin C increase in white blood cells, the potency of the immune system’s effect against infections will increase.

Dosages of 1-2000 mg. each day have shown to increase immune system function. If sick, dosages of 10,000 mg. a day for short periods of time are effective.



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