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Does stevia cause muscle cramps? For me it did. This is just a personal story about something that happened to me. I discovered a line of soda pop called Zevia. They have many carbonated drinks like ginger ale, root beer, cola, creme soda, black cherry etc. that contain no calories as they are sweetened with stevia.

Zevia Black CherryI enjoyed half a can with lunch almost every day.

I began to notice after a while that i was suddenly having cramping in my toes and feet. So, I suffered for a while dosing myself with more minerals like magnesium and calcium. Didn’t help.

Then I googled, “Does stevia cause muscle cramps?”. Many stories about others having the same response. No science, all anecdotal.

And I stopped my new daily routine and so did the muscle cramps. So, no real proof that it was the cause…and it may not happen to you.

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There’s no stevia in your stevia!

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