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Kids vitamins are a necessary part of growing up. In order to build a strong body, the food you eat may not give every child all the advantage they need. Problem is that the best kids vitamins are sometimes hard to pick out unless you are armed with a lot of detailed information.

Kids vitamins are necessary for…well…kids! Kids vitamins help provide extra nutrition over and above their diet to help kids grow and get strong. Kids vitamins are unique as they contain smaller doses of the necessary nutrients than do adult vitamins.

But, there is a lot to know when choosing the best kids vitamins. Without reading the labels AND knowing what to look for, you may be giving your kids vitamins and minerals that are mostly synthetic and contain artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors.

Let’s look at three of the most popular chewable kids vitamins:

Flintstones Complete Chewable

These vitamins contain not only sugars called sucrose, xylitol and sorbitol, but for some reason they also add aspartame (Nutrasweet). Note the warning on the label: PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE.

This warning on any product is further confirmation beyond the ingredient list that the product contains aspartame, a well know neurotoxin…that means it’s really bad for you!

Flintstones Complete kids vitamins also contain artificial flavors, colors and hydrogenated soy oil. No reason to have any of the above in a kids vitamin. Not all of their products contain aspartame, but they all do contain artificial flavors and colors. This product does not use common names for the nutrients to be able to tell if they are synthetic or natural. Figure they are synthetic if they do not bother to differentiate the ingredients.

Gummy Bears, also called Gummy Vites

Odd sugar ingredients in this kids vitamin as it contains glucose syrup and sucrose. The ingredients also list the Vitamin E as dl-alpha tocopherol. The “l” in “dl” means the Vitamin E is synthetic and studies show synthetic is not as absorbable as natural Vitamin E.

Centrum Kids Complete

These kids vitamins follow approximately the same ingredient profile as the Flintstones kids vitamins. Containing sugars called sucrose, lactose (milk sugar) and dried corn syrup, they also add aspartame (Nutrasweet). Artificial flavors and colors abound as does the synthetic Vitamin E and this kids vitamin has a much longer label to list all the chemistry in it that you don’t want your kids to have.

So, what to do about kids vitamins? How about a more natural approach with higher quality raw materials and NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners?

Chewable Kids Vitamins

Metagenics, Inc. product called Multigenics Chewable is a high quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement with excellent nutrient bioavailability designed especially for children or for those adults who prefer a chewable tablet.

  • Provides an essential, comprehensive foundation for optimal health in a delicious chewable form.♦
  • Delivers highly absorbable amino acid chelates, ratio-balanced B vitamins, and broad-spectrum antioxidant protection. ♦
  • Contains Caro-xan™, a proprietary blend of beta-carotene and Betatene® mixed carotenoids for balanced antioxidant protection. ♦

multigenics chewable chocolate

Multigenics Chewable Orange Flavor

90 Chewables $ 26.95

Children 2 to 4 years: Take one tablet daily. Children 4 to 7 years: Take one tablet one to two times daily. Children over 7 and adults: Take one tablet three times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Metagenics, Inc. product called Ultra Potent C Chewable:

  • Provides the vitamin C equivalent of 4 oranges.
  • Great Orange Blast flavor kid-tested and approved!
  • Terrific for kids or adults who would rather not swallow tablets/capsules.
  • Contains the natural sweetener, xylitol, known to prevent tooth decay.

ultra potent c chewable

Ultra Potent C Chewable Orange

90 Chewables 250 mg. each $ 22.75

Children 2 to 7 years: One tablet daily. Children over 7 and adults: One tablet one to two times daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

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Metagenics, Inc. product called Cal Apetite Chewables is a bone support formula featuring bone-nourishing nutrients including magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, and vitamin D.♦

  • Provides mineral amino acid chelates designed for enhanced absorption and intestinal tolerance.
  • Perfect choice for individuals who do not like to swallow tablets and capsules.

cal apatite bone builder chewable

Cal Apatite Chewable Chocolate

90 Chewables $ 20.50

Children age 2 to adults take three tablets daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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Metagenics, Inc. product PhytoMulti Kids goes beyond basic wellness support with 16 vitamins and minerals combined with a proprietary combination of 9 fruit and vegetable powders and extracts. Designed to complement a healthy diet with a rainbow spectrum of phytonutrients to activate health potential like no other chewable foundation nutrition formula.

  • Optimized with 16 essential vitamins and minerals, including the vitamin C equivalent of 1 orange, to help safeguard the nutritional needs of growing, active children
  • Intelligent combination of fruit and vegetable powders and extracts—including tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, onions, and blueberries
  • Designed to provide multidimensional support to promote overall health and well-being
  • Kid-tested and approved, natural tropical citrus fruit flavor—and sweetened with xylitol
  • Ideal for children and adults who would rather not swallow tablets or capsules

phytomulti kids

PhytoMulti Kids

60 Chewables $29.95

For children over the age of 4, take 1 to 2 per day.

♦ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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