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This is Dr. David Dahlman again. Now it’s time for the “Big Three” dietary rules. The most powerful way to improve the chemistry of your gastrointestinal system is to change your diet.In my report at DrDahlman.com, I purposely named the section “The Big Three, 100%, don’t you dare break ‘em dietary rules” for a reason. Stupid name, but I wanted to emphasize these rules need to be followed 100%, or you may not get well. I have plenty of stories of patients who didn’t follow the rules 100% and didn’t get well till they did.The first rule is NO DAIRY PRODUCTS. After many years in the health profession, I know only too well that diary products cause diarrhea in some people, constipation in others, gas and bloating in another set of people and all of these symptoms in yet another set of patients. Eliminate all dairy from your diet to see what effect it has on your symptoms.The obvious dairy products are just that, obvious: all liquid milk products, No cheese of any kind, ice cream, creamy salad dressings, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream cheese or yogurt…and butter is the exception, it’s fine. But what about the hidden dairy products?If the food has a label, you must read the ingredient list for 5 words: milk, or any word attached such as milk solids, milk by-products, milk proteins. Cheese, that’s a no-brainer, look for lactose…you have probably heard of lactose intolerance, right? Also whey and casein, milk proteins. You will find these words mostly in packaged foods, frozen foods and convenience foods.

If you eat prepared foods instead of whole foods like fresh beef, chicken, fish, eggs, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, potatoes, rice the product will have an ingredient list, so read it to make sure, or eat healthier and then you won’t have to do so much reading. Be careful about vegieburgers, there is cheese added for flavoring and non dairy creamers have dairy in them.

If you eat out, fast food is a bad idea right now unless you know exactly what’s in what you are eating. Be careful and ask a lot of stupid questions. If you eat at a sit down restaurant, you have your server to rely on…tell them you have a problem with dairy, you can have butter and they will help you choose what to eat or they will ask the cook what is in the food you wish to order.

This is a 100% rule as neither you or I could ever know how sensitive you might be to even small amounts, so you can’t just cut back, you have to eliminate 100%!

Rule #2 is to eliminate all beans and legumes. Beans are technically legumes and they are difficult to digest and can cause a lot of gas, bloating, indigestion and possibly pain. Legumes to stay away from are all beans: navy, kidney, black, refried, Mexican food….all beans. No hummus, made from garbanzo beans aka as chickpeas, no lentils, nothing made from soy…switch to rice milk if you like soy milk and also, no peanuts or peanut butter….a peanut is not a nut, it’s a legume. All other nuts are fine to eat if you can tolerate them. Exceptions to this rule are detailed in my free report at DrDahlman.com.

Rule #3 is not to drink any liquids or eat any fruit during a meal or for one hour after. Drink or eat fruit before the meal or in between meals. The reason for this is if you add liquids to your meals, you’ll dilute your digestive juices and hinder the breaking down of your food. No fruit because it’s so easily digested, you don’t want to put it on top of a turkey sandwich and let it sit there. It’ll spoil and cause gas, bloating or other uncomfortable symptoms.

So, there are our “Big Three” rules…they weren’t so bad were they? Take them seriously, they’re that important. In our next and last video, we will talk about the Step-by Step Thought Process I put all my patients through as they progress through this protocol. It will help you make decisions any place along the way as to what the next step should be. I will also explain how to order from my secure online store….all the supplements I have mentioned that you will need to begin your road to recovery. So, click on the last link for the Fourth in this series of Video Consultations. Talk to you soon. Thanks.

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