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This is Dr. David Dahlman again and welcome back to the 2nd in a series of video consultations about IBS. In this video, we will discuss the reason that this protocol works for almost all patients suffering from IBS, how easy it is to conquer and I know how silly that may sound to those of you who have been suffering for a very long time and I will talk about the all natural supplements I recommend you use.

The reason I have such a high success rate among patients is because my protocol addresses 9 separate variables that may cause you bowel discomfort. You may find that 3 or 4 of them are most pertinent to you while another patient may find 7 or 8 are causing their symptoms.

The 9 separate variables are: Low levels of beneficial bacteria, abnormal levels of bad bacteria or yeast or parasites that don’t belong there, improper chemistry, lack of digestive enzyme (especially if you have lost your gall bladder), dairy intolerance, gluten or fructose intolerance, celiac disease or food allergies.

I have the only program available that looks at all of these variables and it is the real strength of my protocol. Just looking at 1 or 2 of these issues may not get you well at all, so don’t say you’ve already tried some of my suggestions. You may have, but it is the entirety of this program that will make the difference for you.

So, you can see I look at this as nothing more than a bacteria and chemistry issue. And the really good news is we can easily re-establish optimal bacterial levels and restore proper chemistry. In order to do that, we will use all natural supplements and couple that with temporary, at least we hope they’re temporary, dietary changes.

First, in order to re-establish optimal levels of beneficial bacteria, we will use probiotics that contain different strains of beneficial bacteria and are based on the latest research. Second, the supplements we use to restore proper chemistry begins with a nutritional beverage designed to provide the lining of your gastrointestinal system the nutrients most needed to make the tissue healthier, less inflamed and more efficient to absorb all the nutrients from your food. It also contains a sugar called fructo-oligo-saccharides….also called FOS.. . Humans cannot use it, we could eat it all day and it would simply pass out of our systems. It is the favorite food of the beneficial bacterial population. Very powerful supplement, used for both diarrhea and constipation patients, but a big weapon if you have constipation.

Other supplements we use to change chemistry are digestive enzymes.A lot of gas and bloating is caused by an inability to break down the food you are eating in a specific amount of time, so we use them primarily for that but they also change the chemistry, by changing the pH of the fecal material as it moves through your GI tract. Proper pH is conducive to the growth of the beneficial bacterial levels.

The last supplement we use is a blend of oils containing chamomile, peppermint and lavender.This product is anti-gas, anti-spasmodic and anti inflammatory. Very soothing to the inside of your gastrointestinal system. Please note the dosages for each of the products I just mentioned are detailed on about page 23 or so of my free report, a page called “How You Can Take Your Supplements”. The most powerful way to address the chemistry of the gastrointestinal system is to change your diet.

So, the next video will be about “The Big Three” dietary rules. These are temporary rules to be followed…just for now…as I said, hopefully temporary, while we try to get a handle on your condition. In time, you you will probably be able to eat these foods again. I would like to mention that the last video will be about my Step-by-Step Thought Process…that will teach you what you should do at any stage of this protocol, so there’s no guesswork…and I will also describe how to use my secure online store to order the supplements I have recommended in this video. Make sure you don’t miss it. Please click on the 3rd video. Thanks.

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