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Gluten free products are becoming more and more available in health food stores and in some major food chains. The following information is all about my favorite gluten free products and a more thorough list can be found with an internet search.

Gluten free products are the hope and desire of those who suffer from Celiac Disease, gluten allergy and gluten intolerance. The need for gluten free products is the number one question I receive from those who can’t eat gluten.

A gluten free products list is forever changing as new products come to market, but the best way to search for gluten free products and compile your own gluten free foods list is to stay away from any foods made from wheat, barley, rye, triticale or spelt and also by reading the ingredient list of any food that has an ingredient list.

My Favorite Gluten Free Products List


Food for Life makes an unusual and tasty variety of gluten free breads like brown rice, rice pecan, white rice, millet and rice almond.


Glutino makes a wide variety of breads, pizza crusts, hamburger rolls, baquettes, bagels, muffins, cookies, frozen desserts, frozen pizza, cereals, muffin mixes, pancake mixes, breakfast bars and brown rice pastas.


Kinnikinnick Foods makes a variety of breads, muffins and buns.


Ener-G Foods makes brown rice bread. It’s best used when toasted.



There are many types of gluten free pasta available in health foods stores. Make your choice from those made from corn, quinoa and rice.

Quinoa pasta from Quinoa Corp. www.quinoa.net

Rice pasta (organic) from DeBoles www.deboles.com

Rice pasta from Lundberg Family Farms www.lundberg.com

Frozen Waffles

Vans Foods makes a wide variety of gluten free frozen waffles such as apple cinnamon, flax, regular and buckwheat.



Pamela’s Products makes a wide variety of gluten free cookies.



Foods by George makes gluten free brownies as well as many other products.


Bulk Grains

These companies make a variety of alternative grains for baking, cookie, waffle and pancake mixes makes a wide variety of gluten free grains to use for baking.





Gluten free cereals are in abundance in regular grocery stores. Choose from corn flakes and rice cereals like Rice Crispies and “warm” cereals like grits (made from corn). In health food stores, you will also find them as well as “warm” cereals like Brown Rice Cream and Rise and Shine.


A new breed of gluten free beers have come to market recently.



This gluten free beer is made from sorghum.

New Grist Ale


This gluten free beer is made from sorghum, hops and rice.

Dragon’s Gold


This gluten free beer is made from malted sorghum and hops.

Whole Foods Health Food Store Chain

In almost all of their stores, you will find an open refrigerator that contains Whole Foods brand gluten free products, They have one dedicated to just these products. They will contain breads, buns, pizza crusts, pies, cakes, brownies biscuits, cookies and muffins. Read all ingredient labels to make sure they are appropriate for your dietary restrictions.

Spelt Wheat Products (low gluten)

For those on Dr. Dahlman’s programs, products made from spelt are OK as they contain relatively low amounts of gluten compared to regular wheat and are usually tolerable. These products are not for those suffering from Celiac Disease.


Berlin Natural Bakery makes the best bread that seems like it’s regular whole wheat bread.


French Meadow also makes spelt wheat breads, some of which are yeast free.


Spelt Pasta

Purity Foods makes spelt wheat pasta products called Vita Spelt.


Remember that new products come to market all the time. Pick a day to spend some time at your local natural foods store like Whole Foods and take you time looking at products you usually don’t look at to see what might be new. Have fun!

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