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How to Order Supplements if You Live Outside the U.S.

(The U.S. Online Store will not accept orders from outside the United States.)

Canadian Customers:

Please call or email Dr. Dahlman’s office and he will arrange delivery to you from his Canadian distributor. Pricing is slightly more than for U. S. customers.


Send Dr. Dahlman an Email by Clicking Here


Australian Customers:

You can locate a Physician near you to purchase recommended supplements by clicking here:

Find an Australian Practitioner

(Names of some supplements may be different in Australia)

United Kingdom Customers:

Please call Nutri, LTD in the UK.

Phone number: 01 663 718850

Please refer to my account number for special pricing I have arranged for you: 3032482

Note that the names of products may be different in the UK vs. the US.

GI Sustain is called UltraClear Sustain.
UltraInflamX Plus 360 is simply called UltraInflamX. Any flavor will do.
UltraFlora Spectrum is unavailable in the UK, so please use Ultra Probioplex IB.
SpectraZyme Pan 9x is still called Azeo-Pangen.
SpectraZyme Metagest is still called Metagest.
LipoGen is called Gall Plus.
Intesol is not available so please follow the program without it.

Customers outside the US, Canada, Australia and UK:

Please view this link to a world map of distributors in your country or a country near you:


Please call them and ask if they ship to your country and they will give you names of doctors near you that carry the Metagenics product line. Contact that doctor and ask for the products Dr. Dahlman recommends on his website. Some of the names may be different than what they are called in the US. Try to get similar products by comparing ingredients.

If you haven’t downloaded the free report of your choice, please do so now by returning to any other page of this website and look for the “Download” form.

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