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Gastric bypass surgery, also known as bariatric surgery has been found to “cure” diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is known to be caused by eating too many foods that break down to sugar (carbs). Type 2 diabetes can be eliminated by eating less carbs. Gastric bypass surgery forces the patient to eat less overall calories and therefore less carbs.

There was an amazing report in the Journal of the American Medical Association that made the news last week. Interviews of surgeons reported that diabetes improved in 88% of patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery and almost disappeared in 77%. The next sentence in the article is the most amazing: “Doctors don’t know yet why the weight loss surgery cures diabetes.” After I stopped laughing…

If anything ever illustrated what a lack of nutritional training does to conventional medical doctors thinking, this is it. Head in the sand, ignoring the obvious. If anything at all, it should have proved something to each and every classically trained medical doctor.

Type 2 diabetes is known to be one of the six or seven top 10 chronic health conditions that’s caused by diet. Everyone knows that…don’t they? So, what about the gastric bypass patient’s diet changed…that then allowed the body to get the excess sugar out of the bloodstream? (BTW…High blood sugar is the marker of diabetes).

Gastric bypass reduces the size of the stomach to about 1/10th of it’s original size. This means the patient can’t eat alot of food at any one sitting before they are full. Because of the difficulty in eating alot of food…many small meals…the patient will lose weight.

Without getting into the malabsorption issues of being unable to eat enough food to sustain their daily nutritional metabolic needs, suffice it to say that the pre-gastric bypass diet consisted of too many carbohydrates…which break down to sugar…and the post gastric bypass diet…because of a self imposed lower calorie diet…has far fewer calories coming from carbs.

Therefore…are you following me?…if you are eating less food and also less foods that breakdown into sugar, isn’t it easy to see that carbs…too many of them…they also made the person fat…and caused the diabetes. Less carbs equals a cure for diabetes. What a great advertisement for a low carb diet!

Problem here is, the person getting the gastric bypass surgery was unable to discipline themselves to eat properly and reasonably. Resorting to drastic measures may allow them to lose weight and if they had diabetes…they won’t anymore, but the unintended consequences of their reduce calorie diet…which means a lack of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients…will cause other health problems. Count on it!

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