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Dairy free products are becoming popular in health food stores and in some major food chains as more people follow a dairy free diet. The following information is all about my favorite dairy free products and a more thorough dairy free products list can be found with an internet search.

Dairy free products are becoming more available to people as many realize that they are having health consequences by eating dairy products. A dairy free diet can eliminate many gastrointestinal problems as well as numerous other chronic health conditions. The need for dairy free products is the number one question I receive from those who can’t tolerate dairy products and/or lactose.

A dairy free diet is forever changing as new products come to market, but the best way to search for dairy free foods and dairy free recipes is to compile your own dairy free food list and to stay away from any foods made from a cow except beef and butter. (Yes, butter is usually OK for those eliminating dairy). Make sure you read the ingredient list of any food that has an ingredient list looking for the words: milk, cheese, lactose, whey and casein.

My Favorite Dairy Free Products List

Alternative “Milks”

The Hain Celestial Group has made numerous flavors of Rice Dream and Soy Dream and Almond Dream “Milks”.


So Delicious makes coconut milk. Both sweetened and unsweetened.


Pacific Natural Foods and Blue Diamond makes almond milk.



Living Harvest makes hemp milk.


Ice Cream (Or a Close Fake!)

The Hain Celestial Group has made numerous flavors of Rice Dream and Soy Dream “Ice Cream” as well as bars. Stay away from the chocolate coatings if you want to be gluten free as they contain barley.


So Delicious makes soy ice creams called So Delicious and Purely Decadent.



There have always been many “alternative” cheeses on the market at your health food store. I have never found on that tastes very good…it didn’t melt… and have always said if you could invent one…you would be an instant millionaire! We now have a pretty good and tasty alternative cheese.

A company called Daiya has now produced what I consider to be a relatively good replacement for cheese. The make cheddar, mozzarella and pepperjack in shreds and wedges.

I have used them in omelets and melted into hot soups. Enjoy. Finally.


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