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Yes, I’ve enjoyed a dairy and gluten free diet since 1975. Hard for even me to believe. I guess that makes me an expert at perfecting the art of asking lots of dumb and annoying questions in restaurants and at friend’s homes. I also have much experience with the ever growing list of dairy and gluten free diet products available in stores. And I’ll say to you…it’s possible for you to follow a dairy and gluten free diet also. I have hundreds – if not thousands of patients – doing it right now. Don’t let fear of being able to accomplish it or an unwillingness to give up these foods stand in the way of restoring your health.

But why did I go dairy and gluten free? I had back pain. What? Yes, when I was younger, I had chronic back pain and one day decided to go to a chiropractor. While there and the very, very old…did I say ancient… chiropractor…Dr. Flowers…asked me many questions about my health.

During the questioning, I told him of my sinus problems. That I blew my nose 12 times every morning. That I had a runny nose all day long. That allergy season was quite difficult for me. That I didn’t want to take allergy medicine or anti-histamines.

He said that I should begin a dairy and gluten free diet immediately.

What? A dairy and gluten free diet? He quickly explained that both food groups produce mucous in the body and can fill up the sinuses and cause the problems I mentioned to him.

So, I did.

Within two months, my sinuses were dry. Amazing.

And how ironic that many years later, I am helping people with their dairy and gluten free diets and taking dairy and/or gluten away from many of them.

Now, this doesn’t please me completely. I would love to eat some great bread or cheese, how about a pizza, how about a beer at the Cincinnati Reds ballgame? But, I have high motivation to continue with this diet because if I don’t, I suffer and it’s not worth it. Thank God for gluten free beer.

So, I have by default and many years experience, become an expert at a dairy and gluten free diet, knowing where dairy and gluten are found in our diet, what alternative food products can be found at health food stores like Whole Foods to take the place of our favorite dairy and gluten containing foods and how to advise my patients on this lifestyle. I know how tough it is and I also know it can be done.

Almost every patient in my office is taken off all dairy products and some patients, off all gluten containing foods. This depends of their health concern. After being a health professional since 1996, I have found these two variables to be necessary eliminations as we try to get to the cause of someone’s health concern. All of the free reports available for download below discuss in detail why it’s necessary and how to do it properly.

So, don’t be afraid and don’t tell yourself you can’t…or don’t want to…follow a dairy and gluten free diet. Don’t place obstacles in front of yourself that might prevent you from reaching your goals as the protocols I’ve designed that MIGHT require you to TEMPORARILY eliminate dairy and/or gluten from your diet are worth it. You’re worth it, your health is worth it and…and it is for many, a temporary elimination.

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