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New Pricing Structure:

Beginning April 2015, fees have been reduced and services increased!

Using our smartphones and other current technology and for a monthly fee that you can cancel anytime, you receive the following benefits for $97 per month:

Free Consultations

Free 1st Month 1 hour phone consultation with Dr. Dahlman to design your specific treatment.
Free Monthly 30 minute phone consultations with Dr. Dahlman to guide you through your plan.

Unlimited Contact with Dr. Dahlman for Your Questions

Free email responses to your email questions within 2 business days.
Returned phone calls within 2 business day.

Use this breakthrough monthly approach only as long as YOU decide you need it. Once we have achieved your goals, no more charges. No insurance, no co-pays and cancel anytime.

Only $97 per month!

Dr. Dahlman also offers a quick free “get to know him” phone call to help you decide if his treatment makes sense for you. In it Dr. Dahlman will answer all your concerns about his approach.

Download the free report of your choice by choosing it in the box on the right of this page.

Call him now to ask your questions about his program: 513-871-3300.

Let’s get healthy!

The program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is on average 3 months in duration.

That’s just an average as you may require more time to fully restore health to your gastrointestinal system.

The duration of the program for inflammatory conditions will vary depending on the severity of your condition.

It is highly suggested that all inflammatory conditions patients have a food allergy test performed. Cost of that test is $ 325.

Call the office at 513-871-3300 and Dr. Dahlman will make all the arrangements.

Please understand that once a phone consultation is complete, there are no refunds for that consultation.

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