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Coenzyme Q 10 and statins. One prevents damage from the other. The taking of statin drugs for imbalanced cholesterol levels reduces healthy levels of coenzyme Q 10 in your heart potentially leading to a weaker heart and immune system.

Coenzyme Q 10, statins, cholesterol levels, heart failure and lowered immune system response are linked together. It begins with the taking of statin drugs for imbalanced cholesterol levels. This is a common treatment. Coenzyme Q 10 is also known as ubiquinone.

Unfortunately, the taking of statins may cause a weaker heart as well as a weaker immune system.With the taking of Coenzyme Q 10, statins may not have as disastrous of an effect.♦

Statins are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, a class of drug used to lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase, which plays a central role in the production of cholesterol by the liver.

Statins and Coenzyme Q 10 and Heart Failure

Statin drugs are well known to push Coenzyme Q 10 out of the blood and also muscle tissue causing muscle breakdown, cramps and reducing levels found in heart tissue. Coenzyme Q 10 is the third most important nutrient for the heart muscle behind oxygen and sugar (glucose).(1)♦ Without it, the heart muscle loses strength and it’s ability to pump necessary amounts of blood. Long term, this means heart failure.♦

1. Ghirlanda G, Oradei A, Manto A, Lippa S, Uccioli L, Caputo S, Greco A, Littarru G (1993). “Evidence of plasma CoQ10-lowering effect by HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study”. J Clin Pharmacol 33 (3): 226–9.

Statins and Coenzyme Q 10 and Immune System Function

Statins have another unfortunate little known negative side effect. Statins prevent the creation of Interleukin 1 in the human body. Interleukin 1 is a necessary precursor to the creation of Interleukin 2, the only FDA approved natural cancer treatment known as Proleukin. Without Interleukin 1, you cannot create Interleukin 2 and your immune system will weaken also.

So, let’s think about this for a second. If you take statin drugs, you risk not only heart weakness/heart failure, but also lowered immune system response risking more infections and even cancer. What a deal!

The taking of statins and Co Q 10 will prevent the heart failure, but will do nothing for the lowered immune system response.♦

Wouldn’t it be better to prevent heart disease through diet? And, isn’t it a good idea to take Coenzyme Q 10 for good heart health as well as to mediate the side effects of statin drugs?♦



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