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A cholesterol diet is really what people search for after they find out they have imbalanced cholesterol levels. In other words, what can they eat…what are the low cholesterol foods or high cholesterol foods they can eat to design a low cholesterol diet?

Cholesterol diet is anything that will make your cholesterol go down. Would it surprise you to learn there are two cholesterol diets that will get the job done? It can become your choice of which way to eat based on foods eaten scientific proof and epidemiological evidence from other cultures that you can eat a low cholesterol diet or a high cholesterol diet and both will lower your cholesterol.

Cholesterol Foods

Certain foods are known as cholesterol foods. That’s because they contain cholesterol. One rule of thumb is that all animal products are high cholesterol foods and everything else is a low cholesterol food. Only animal products contain cholesterol. The animal products that contain the most cholesterol are cheese, egg yolks, beef, pork, poultry, and shrimp. Remember, non-animal food does not contain cholesterol.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet

So, what are these two cholesterol lowering diets? Either a strict vegetarian, low fat diet or a low carbohydrate, high good fats diet. That’s right, become a vegetarian or follow Atkin’s, South Beach, The Zone Diet, Suzanne Sommers or any of the other low carb approaches.

The evidence is overwhelming for both diets. Science has studied them as well as cultures that follow them and found that heart disease, stroke, weight gain, diabetes and other health conditions are extremely rare.

Look at Seventh Day Adventists. Decades of vegetarianism and the the lowest levels of health concerns than any of their American counterparts. Other vegetarian cultures around the world have the same benefit.

Look at Eskimos and African tribes. They can’t grow much, so they rely on animals for their diet. They also report the same health observations. A diet a bit more sensible for the average American is the Meditteranean diet. It consists of the same amount of protein as Americans eat, but lower carbohydrates and an abundance of more “good fats”. A classic low carb diet.

Pick your diet, but one thing is for sure. If you eat the average American diet, you will run a great risk of falling prey to the average American health conditions. Also for sure is if you claim you are eating everything in moderation…which means you haven’t really made a choice…you’re just eating how you FEEL that day is moderate…you too risk the same health consequences as someone eating the average American diet.

If you are already experiencing weight gain around your middle, high blood pressure, imbalanced cholesterol levels, are pre-diabetic or have diabetes or have heart health concerns, your are eating wrong. Change for your health.

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