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Boosting the immune system is an important part of your health care. Many tactics can be employed for the purpose of boosting the immune system and it is up to you at times to do so.

Boosting the immune system is never a bad idea. Without a properly functioning immune system, life is impossible and it can be accomplished in many ways including proper diet and good sleep habits.

Certain nutrients and herbs boosts your immune system also. Vitamin C and zinc are very easy and powerful to use. Oleanolic acid is a naturally occurring substance in plants with well studied anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity. (1)

(1) Liu J (1995). “Pharmacology of oleanolic acid and ursolic acid”. Journal of ethnopharmacology 49 (2): 57–68.

Metagenics, Inc has created a product for boosting the immune system that is designed to support healthy immune system function through enhancing activities of macrophages, natural killer cells, and T cells (white blood cells).♦

  • The purpose of a macrophage is to monitor blood and lymph fluid. Upon finding something that should not be there, they perform phagocytosis which is the destruction of invaders by ingestion.
  • The purpose of an natural killer cell is to examine other cells and to kill them if they find they are not normal cells.
  • The purpose of neutrophils (white blood cells) is to patrol the bloodstream mostly for infections and to destroy the bacteria causing them.

ImmuCore is that product for boosting immune system function that:

  • Offers a three-pronged approach to wellness with Ultra Potent-C® combined with zinc and a concentrated blend of mushroom extracts.♦
  • Features additional immune support from oleanolic acid and selenium.♦
  • Uses a buffering delivery system to prevent potential stomach upset associated with vitamin C.♦
  • Ideal for long-term immune protection.♦

The use of this product prior to and throughout winter is a great plan and can also be used at other times during the year.



90 Tablets

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♦ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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