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Dr. Dahlman, is a chiropractor with a degree in nutrition. He is a nationally recognized gastrointestinal and autoimmune inflammatory expert offering innovative solutions for common chronic health challenges using dietary changes and natural supplements. Dr. David Dahlman, is Director of the Hyde Park Holistic Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He specializes in the treatment of chronic health conditions using nutritional, herbal and alternative therapies.

Dr. Dahlman has enjoyed and professed a healthful diet since 1975. He has participated in more than 100 triathlons, duathlons and marathons in the U.S. and Europe.

He is completely committed to educating the public that they have alternatives to traditional treatments that only suppress symptoms and never address the cause of illness.

His curriculum vitae is as follows:


  • Granted Chiropractic License, State of Ohio, License #2437, February 26, 1997
  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University, Marietta, Georgia, December 1996
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Life University, Marietta, Georgia, December 1996
  • Attended University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Additional Training

  • Rehabilitation of the Athlete, Texas Chiropractic College, 2016
  • Traumatic Lumbar Syndrome, University of Western States, 2016
  • Pain Management, The Wise DC Online Course, 2016
  • Lower Dynamic Movement Assessment, Motion Palpation Institute, 2014
  • Foundational Laboratory Analysis, Texas Chiropractic College, 2014
  • Geriatric Health Care, The Wise DC Online Course, 2014
  • The Shoulder, National University, 2012
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition, The Wise DC Online Course, 2012
  • Clinical Breakthroughs in the Toxicity-Chronic Disease Connection, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2011
  • Clinical Assessment & Treatment of the Disc, National University, 2011
  • Bridging Lifestyle Medicine and Systems Biology in Clinical Practice, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2010
  • Functional Assessment & Treatment – Lower Quadrant, Lincoln College of Professional, Graduate and Continuing Education, 2009
  • Functional Assessment & Treatment – Upper Quadrant, Lincoln College of Professional, Graduate and Continuing Education, 2008
  • The Emerging Therapeutic Target: Improving Therapeutic Outcomes by Treating the Intersection of Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Arthritis. Metagenics Seminar Series, 2008
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Analysis and Adjustive Technique, Lincoln College of Professional, Graduate and Continuing Education, 2007
  • Beyond Metabolic Syndrome, Controversy to Clinical Outcomes: Clarifying the Confusion Surrounding Popular Diets such as Atkins, Zone and Paleolithic Diets, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2007
  • Functional Endocrinology: New Strategies for Improving Adrenal, Thyroid and Pituitary Function, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2006
  • Understanding the Origins & Applying Nutritional Strategies for Autoimmune Diseases, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2006
  • Breakthroughs in the Management of Chronic Indigestion & Intestinal Disorders, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2005
  • Gender Specific Nutritional Strategies for Managing Common Challenges from 25 to 50, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2005
  • Applying Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice to Reshape Your Patients’ Health, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2005
  • Healthy Women, Healthy Aging: Managing Menopause and Beyond without Hormones, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2004
  • Nutrigenomic Modulation of Inflammatory Disorders: Arthralgias, Coronary Heart Disease, PMS and Menopause Associated Inflammation, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2004
  • Improving Health Outcomes Through Nutritional Support for Metabolic Transformation, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2003
  • Breakthrough Strategies to Managing Gender-Specific Health Challenges, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2003
  • Spinal Pain Syndromes, Dynamic Chiropractic, University of Bridgeport, 2003
  • Nutritional Endocrinology: Breakthrough Approaches for Improving Adrenal and Thyroid Function, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2002
  • Disorders of the Brain: Emerging Therapies in Complex Neurologic and Psychiatric Conditions, The Ninth International Symposium on Functional Medicine, 2002
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lang Nutritional Seminars, 2002
  • Nutritional Approaches to Stress-Induced Disorders: Improving Adrenal and Thyroid Function, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2002
  • Advances in Managing Chronic Illness Associated with Environmental Toxicity, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2002
  • The Nutritional Management of Peri-menopause and Menopause: Addressing the Quality of Life and Risk of Disease in Women of Menopausal Age, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2002
  • Achieving Mental Fitness: Protecting Mental Function and Healing the Injured Brain, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2001
  • Clinical Applications of Functional Endocrinology, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2001
  • New Approaches to Anti-Aging: Nutritional Endocrinology, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2001
  • Motion Palpation Institute Advanced, National-Lincoln School of Post Graduate Education, 2001
  • Nutritional Management of the Underlying Causes of Chronic Disease, 21st Century Therapies for: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Heart Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Dysinsulinism/Syndrome X, Institute for Functional Medicine, 2000
  • Breast Health for the New Millennium, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2000
  • Exploring the Many Facets of Fatigue, Metagenics Seminar Series, 2000
  • Improving Intercellular Communication in Managing Chronic Illness: A Functional Medicine Approach to Regulating Biochemical Mediators, Institute for Functional Medicine, 1999
  • Applying the Essential’s of Herbal Care, Metagenics Seminar Series, 1999
  • Effective Nutrition Therapy, Parker College of Chiropractic, 1999
  • Natural Strategies for Managing Women’s Health, Metagenics Seminar Series, 1998


  • Publisher, The Cincinnati Natural Resource Guide: A Guide to Health,Wellness and Environmental Products and Services in Cincinnati, 100,000 copies distributed free each year from 200 locations, 1999, 2000

Writing Experience

  • Author: Why Doesn’t My Doctor Know This? Conquering Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis, Morgan James Publishing, 2008
  • Website, www.drdahlman.com, Developer and Author of Content including health articles and video production, 2000 to present
  • Columnist, CityBeat Magazine, Alternative Weekly Magazine, Alternative Health Column, 2002

Radio Experience

  • Weekly Talk Show Host, Health Talk, WKRC-AM, 1999

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