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Benefits of vitamin E are mostly known as the antioxidant benefits of scavenging for free radicals and it’s effect on the immune system. Other benefits of vitamin E are support for the immune system as vitamin E is used in many processes in the human body and life is impossible without it.

Vitamin E offers antioxidant protection to fatty acids and cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream, helps protect tissues against oxidative damage and affects prostaglandin synthesis which are lipid (fat) compounds related to essential fatty acids.

Additional Benefits of Vitamin E include:

  • Promotes heart health.♦
  • Promotes respiratory health.♦
  • Helps with normal PMS symptoms.♦
  • Supports circulation.♦
  • Supports prostate and breast health.♦
  • Is good for your brain.♦
  • May help hot flashes in menopausal women.♦

The proper name for vitamin E is tocopherol and there are many different types of tocopherols. The average natural vitamin E supplement contains only d-alpha tocopherol. The synthetic vitamin E is denoted with an “l” in the name of it as in: dl-alpha tocopherol. If you are taking the synthetic form, it has been proven that synthetic forms are not as usable and can actually block the use of natural vitamin E. It is the synthetic form of vitamin E that has shown to be detrimental to human health.

There are also vitamin E supplements that contain gamma, beta and delta tocopherols. This is a product called a mixed tocopherol.

There are additional benefits to vitamin E that contains a “mixed” tocopherol formula and there are also benefits to vitamin E that is just d-alpha tocopherol but contains the trace element selenium.

Selenium adds to the benefits of vitamin E as it helps glutathione (an amino acid) work in the liver to eliminate free radical, in other words, it’s an anti-oxidant. Selenium also supports a healthy immune system.

So, d-alpha tocolpherol with selenium or mixed tocopherols? How about both? Take a tablet (softgel) of each and receive 800 IU’s of proper vitamin E mixed tocopherols along with selenium.

Metagenics E-400 Selenium

E-400 Selenium

60 Tablets
180 Tablets









Metagenics E Complex 1:1

E Complex 1:1
60 soft gels
180 soft gels
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